Happiness Bag Toy Drive Project (PR Plan/Proposal)

Public Relations Plan Overview

Our Intro to Public Relations group will develop and implement a comprehensive public relations plan and timeline that fits the budget, targets the desired markets and promotes Happiness Bag. The objectives of our promotional efforts will be to:

•        Increase awareness of available services at Happiness Bag

•        Increase toy/monetary donations

•        Position Happiness Bag as a positive, vital force in the community

•        Increase positive recognition, enthusiasm and support for Happiness Bag as a leader in delivery of quality care for mentally challenged children and adults.

This strong, working public relations plan will include:

•        Identifying and targeting existing markets

•        Identifying and targeting partnership opportunities for business and industry

•        Identifying reasonable timelines to achieve the desired goals

•        Developing appropriate tools to effectively communicate the desired message or messages to Happiness Bag target markets as follows:

Internal Markets

1.      Happiness Bag clients

2.      Staff

3.      Advisors/committees

5.      Vendors

6.      Volunteers

External Markets, Current and Potential

1.      General population markets including the following current and potential markets in Terre Haute, IN

–        Families and individuals seeking assistance from Happiness Bag

–        Women

–        Men

–        Elderly

–        Adolescents

–        Children

–        Donors

2.      Business and economic community including:

–        Employers

–        Referral agencies and social support organizations

3.      Community service leaders and organizations

4.      Political markets including legislators, mayor and civic officials

5.      Neighbors – businesses, homes in the immediate geographic location

6.      News media

7.      Additional external audiences identified by your organization


Increase enrollment, heighten public awareness and enlist active moral and financial support for Happiness Bag as a positive organization that provides care for the mentally challenged in the Terre Haute community.

Special Event

Our special event for Happiness Bag will be a toy drive on Indiana State University’s campus. It will be a chance for students and staff to donate to the organization as well as better understand what Happiness Bag stands for in the community. After the toy drive, we plan on taking the toys we collected to Happiness Bag as well as mingling with the members and staff.


After our flyer will be designed, we will email it to faculty, staff, and students of Indiana State University. We also plan to put them up on cork boards at the busier parts of campus so community members, students, faculty, and staff could see them so they were aware of our event.



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