About Me


My name is Chad J. Schoffstall

I am a 22 year old Public Relations major at Indiana State University that resides in Terre Haute, IN. My goal with my education at ISU is to hone my skills as a Public Relations representative in both the class room and in the real world, so I am prepared for the job field. I am interested in the art side of public relations so as well as studying Public Relations I am a Studio Art minor as well. Art has always been a huge part of my life so in my eyes this makes perfect sense. It is with this knowledge I am gaining and the skills that I already attain to hopefully one day find a job in creating add campaigns for all different types of subjects.

I have always been into Public Relations but never really knew it. I have been DJing since I was 12 years old and once I started doing regular shows in Middle School I decided to start my own business (Louder Than Words DJing). In doing so I learned how to network, use social media sites to promote myself, and also how to be professional with clients when doing business. DJing was not just the start of my music career, it was also the beginning of my PR career.

-Chad J. Schoffstall


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