Press Kits (Paper or Plastic?)


A press kit is one of the oldest and most effective ways to sell and inform your audience about yourself/organization/band etc.  Press kits are used universally by basically every industry. A press kit should be a reflection of what you are offering the party you’re presenting it to.

So what exactly makes up a press kit? A press kit is a collection of your best qualities, achievements, skills, and previous work experiences. “For Dummies”  explains that a press kit should always include the following:

-A cover letter

-A brief biography about yourself detailing your experiences

-A mission statement reflecting you/your organization’s values

-A list of events you/your organization curated or had a hand in

-A list of noteworthy clients and what work you did for them


-Examples of some of the work that you/your origination has done

-A Professional photo

Now that you have an idea of what goes into a press kit what do you do with it? According to Urban Justice “Any media outreach effort must have a compelling and media-friendly press kit. The kit’s purpose is to provide basic information that will inspire stories or at least spark further inquiries – NOT to answer every conceivable question about an issue. The idea of a press kit is to create interest, not to exhaust it.” This raises a good point. A press kit is made to gather interest towards you/your organization so you should be weary of bogging your press kit down with unnecessary information. A press kit should always be concise and to the point, like resumes people receive TONS of press kits each day. You must be able to separate yourself from the heard while conveying your message in a clear way.


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