Elements of A Successful PR Campaign

A successful PR campaign can be done in varying ways depending on the type of client, however there are still some basic grounds you must cover in every PR campaign. I am going to use my group Heavy Gun Blog’s annual beat battle as an example.

This was our 4th time doing the beat battle so we knew what would work and what wouldn’t. As for what we knew would work we started by developing a press kit specific to this year’s battle and shopping it around to different companies so we could afford to even throw the event. We held the event at the same venue as last year’s battle, The Casba.  Some of these companies we had worked with before and some were newer to the team. We ended up going with our most recent partners in business No Bad Ideas Clothing Company. NBI is a hat and T-shit company based out of Indianapolis that has quickly become one of the most supportive brands to the Indianapolis music scene. Our other major sponsor was our long time friends and supporters 20 Past 4 & More smoke shop. Both NBI and 20 Past 4 were key players in the release of our last record so it was very nice to work with them.

So once we had our sponsors and our location no we had to address the public! We first began by hitting the social media field hard, we started a private Facebook event that was closed to the public until we finally had our schedule and what have you together. This is key in my eyes; it is almost like a draft of making an event page. Another key factor of social media was branding our event with tags (#) so people could follow our event and we could use to collect data for the recap of the battle.

Finally to keep the public’s attention we would announce a different person competing and a different act that would be performing in the showcase that would accompany the battle that evening. This not only added an element of surprised but it gave everyone involved their moment in the spotlight.

Needless to say the night was a success the crowd was packed, the people were great, we ended up being covered in the Indianapolis Star, and sent home Blake Allee home with $500 dollars cash and a very special “trophy” from 20 Past 4. All and all I believe that our PR campaign is what lead to the success of our event this past weekend.Image


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