Research In PR and Why It Is SO Important

PR is a very wide world with many different types of people involved, so of course not everyone’s needs are the same.  What does this mean to you as a person of PR? It means you are going to need to do research! There are various methods of research in the world of PR such as client research, stakeholder research, problem-opportunity research, and evaluation research. Each of these kinds of research is very important to specific groups of individuals/companies.

Client research focuses on one individual client, company, or organization. This type of research is for gauging a company’s size, as well as familiarizing yourself with the company (Goals, Values, Mission statement).

Stakeholder research is a type of research geared towards finding the company’s audiences that are important to the company’s success. Stakeholder research is ultimately a tool to help better cater your message to the groups you are seeking to benefit.

Another type of research is of course problem-opportunity research.  Public Relations: A Values Driven Approach sums this type of research as “two crucial questions” what is at issue and what is at stake, if any, does our organization have in this issue. Our final type of research is evaluation research.

Evaluation research is of the four steps in the traditional public relations process however PR demands attention to it. Evaluation research displays the return on what the organization has invested PR wise.

To sum all of this up is that research is important to not only familiarize yourself with a client, but also to find out how you can make yourself a key part of helping said company become the absolute best it can be, as well as reach the people who will ultimately support and make the company grow.


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