How to Gain and Lose Followers on Twitter


A lot of people don’t fully understand twitter. While you may know how to post words or pictures in the social media site, what are you doing to harvest more followers? Tweeting your thoughts is NOT how to use Twitter and will most likely land you with zero followers. Here are some examples of some methods that I have found helpful in gaining more twitter followers.

“Twitter gets a bad rap, and yes, many tweeters live up to the stereotype. But just because you’re on Twitter doesn’t mean you’re obligated to tweet about what you had for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and every little thing that goes on in between” says blogger Tracy Gold when touching upon the subject of how people use twitter. Like I mentioned earlier tweeting your thoughts can be toxic to your follower count. As far as twitter goes you want to ask yourself the following before tweeting:

-Is this important?

-Will people relate to what I’m saying?

-Does this tweet serve a purpose?

Just asking yourself these things before posting could help you with your following ten fold.

Another important factor of twitter is who sees your tweets. Posting at what are referred to as “peak hours” (the times twitter is most active) opens your tweets up to a more broad audience. Think about it as you would a TV show. Are you more apt to watch something that is on at 8pm every night or 3am? Along with peak hours, joining in on the conversation during big events is another great way to be seen on twitter. A lot if not all events these days try to associate themselves with a hashtag (or #) so that people at the event (or in some cases at home) can tag their event and make said topic trend.  However as Garin Kilpatrick puts it “#Hashtags are not pretty to look at so use them sparingly.  Some people detest them and will unfollow you if you use them all the time.”

Finally the easiest way to get followers in my opinion is right under your noes, your other social networks are your best bet for getting more twitter followers. When starting your twitter, like a house, you should start with a strong base. What better way to gain followers than to have people you’re already connected with online to connect with you in another format? Most people (especially professionals) use more than one type of social networking service, therefore if you’re friends with someone on facebook then why shouldn’t you be friends on twitter?

In conclusion there are many ways to gain twitter followers (and lose them!) so always remember before anything, always think before you tweet.

-Chad J. Schoffstall


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