“How has social media impacted the field of Public Relations?”

(photo by Zela via RGBstock)

When I began DJing when I was a 12 year old who had no idea what public relations even was I ordered a box of business cards, I thought I had everything I needed at that point. I was obviously young and naïve, which I realize now. Now I have the board covered social media wise (even google’s stagnant google+). This makes me realize there are still businesses who think that having a card and no website is acceptable. “Since when is being social complicated? Social media is another form of simple conversation and if you’re in small business, you have to be involved in the conversation” says blogger Leslie McLellan in her article on Spinsucks.com entitled “Social Media isn’t Rocket Science; It’s Social.” (Sept 11th, 2012)

I agree with this statement very strongly. Anyone who is keeping up in the professional world should be fully aware (or if possible hire someone) of how to get around the basic social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Linkedin).  In the figure* below I studied, while reading the presentation “Social Media & Advancement 2012” by Michael Stoner (Aug 29, 2012), Mr. Stoner shows that in only 3 years the use of social media sites like twitter and youtube have jumped at least 20 percent.

In conclusion social media has not just impacted Public Relations it has completely changed the game forever. Social media site will always be a relevant way to speak to your audience and address the public. While sites like Myspace have died, sites like Facebook and Twitter have quickly stepped in. In this day and age Social Media has solidified itself as part of Public Relations.

-Chad .J Schoffstall


(links used for research)





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